BEWARE!! Misleading ETAs!!!!

SX Core SX Lite

Some of you have asked if we would be getting a similar ETA to some other retailers overseas who have posted that they will be getting their shipment of SX Core & SX Lite by 15th June or around that time. We are not inclined to give our customers false hopes just to get them to invest their money with us.

A lot of these retailers will give you early false dates just so they can take your money, then when the date comes along apologise because of this and that, that’s why it’s being delayed.


There is no official date yet, even from TX themselves:

We want to provide you with the best and most accurate information, so once we are able to determine when the chips will be available and how long shipment is going to take , ONLY then will be provide you with a realistic ETA. Thank you for your patience.