Installers for SX Core & SX Lite

SX Core SX Lite

So this post is about Installers for SX Core & SX Lite, for those of you that would like someone else to install it into your console for you. We have done some research into who would have the skills to be able to install it for you.

When you get your SX Core or SX Lite you will also get a set of installation diagrams & instructions. What you are engaging these businesses/installers is their skills in soldering. This is a sample of how the communication will go when you contact them.

  • Hi, I would like to get some soldering work done. I have the console, the parts, the instructions & the diagrams.
  • Can you do it for me?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

If you were to approach these installers and tell them that you want to get a modchip installed in your Nintendo Switch console, they may just turn you away, even if you are only using it for legal homebrew applications & games.

If you want to find your own installer you are welcome to do that. What we did was search for companies that can do soldering work by searching “Soldering”, “Repairs”, “Nintendo Switch Soldering”, “Nintendo Switch Repairs”, “Nintendo Repairs” or similar, please don’t search for Installers for SX Core & SX Lite. Then we had a look at the companies that offering soldering services. Next you will need to find out if they have the skills for micro soldering, or essentially soldering very small points. Then obviously you need to know about the price and how long it will take.

These are some of the companies that we determined should be able to help you install the SX Core and/or the SX Lite.

We are still a little while away from getting the final product, but stay tuned and as soon as we know we will post it here. As always feel free to drop us an email.


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