Nintendo Switch Firmware 10.0.3 is out.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 10.0.4

Nintendo Switch firmware 10.0.3 is now live. As always “update at your own risk”. Initial testing shows that SX OS v2.9.5 is working and functional, but if you do not need to update then don’t update.

Also in regards to SX Core & SX Lite, even though initial testing shows that 10.0.3 is working, it is advised that if you plan to install these chips in your console to stay on the lowest firmware.

There has been some questions in regards to installation of the SX Core & SX Lite when it comes out. We are in the process of listing a few places that will be able to help you install the chip if you are not comfortable installing it yourself. If you haven’t already done so you can have a look at the installation video that we have posted on YouTube:

SX Core

SX Lite

These are NOT the official installation videos. There will be a proper installation guide/video later on.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we all wait for the SX Core and SX Lite to be finally “on it’s way”.