SX Core for Nintendo Switch


The SX Core by Team Xecuter for the Nintendo Switch V2/Mariko (Patched) is the ultimate device for unlocking the full potential of your console. See below for all the features, benefits and usage instructions. Please check that your console is compatible by looking at the BEFORE YOU PURCHASE section below.

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SX Core for Nintendo Switch is what everyone has been waiting for. Up till now there are 3 different types of Nintendo Switch: Original Switch (Unpatched), Mariko or V2 Switch (Patched), Switch Lite. The SX Pro was used to unlock the potential of the Original Switch (Unpatched).  Now with the new SX Core for Nintendo Switch you are able to unlock the full potential of your Nintendo Switch V2 or Mariko (Unpatched) console. Operating much the same way as the SX Pro, using SX OS, the only difference is the installation method which will require opening the console and soldering.


Original Nintendo Switch 3rd March 2017 ~ August 2018 (Unpatched): SX Pro or SX OS

Nintendo Switch V1 Erista & V2 “Mariko” ~August 2018 – Current (Patched): SX Core (This product)



  1. This product is NOW IN STOCK
  2. There is currently no ETA of when it will arrive, when we know it will be posted here.
  3. Check your console is compatible from HERE. (Returns are not accepted for incompatible consoles)
  4. Installation instructions are coming soon.
  5. If you are not able to wait, please don’t order.
  6. Price of the product is an estimate and is subject to change before the product arrives.
  7. You will need tools to open up your console and some moderate soldering skills will be required for installation.
  8. Check that your console firmware is no higher than v10.0.4 (Returns are not accepted for incompatible consoles)
  9. If you are not sure how to install it and want to send your console to us to install. Service coming soon.
  10. Going online after the console is modded is not advised.
  11. Using this device to circumvent copyright, download illegal roms or to bypass copy protection is illegal and against the law!
    Please use responsibly!


  • Easy to use
  • Some soldering skills required
  • Fully updatable
  • Unlocks the full potential of your Nintendo Switch console
  • Allows playing of homebrew applications & games
  • Allows playing of emulators and old school games
  • Run other operating systems such as Linux
  • Real time game switching
  • Cheats OS
  • Compatible with all regions
  • Compatible with most microSD cards (64GB, 128GB, 256GB are recommended)
  • Supports FAT32 or exFAT microSD card formats
  • Includes: SX Core




TX SX OS Guide


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