SX OS 3.0.0 BETA is out now

In preparation for SX Core & SX Lite, SX OS 3.0.0 Beta is now available from HERE.

These are the changelog directly from Team Xecuter:

  • Full support for Mariko and Switch Lite consoles.
    That’s right, SX OS now supports 100% of all consoles manufactured to date.
  • Support for SX Core and SX Lite boot methods.
    With SX Core and SX Lite arriving to the mainstream audience soon, we want to make sure you can actually use your product when it arrives to your doorstep. We would like to remind you every SX Core and SX Lite comes with a *free* license for SX OS. No need to pick up a license key separately. Just activate your product like you normally would. (Through our website or using the SX OS menu)
  • Support for systems with a larger NAND
    Die hard Switch modders who have installed a larger NAND storage in their switches are now actually able to use it with SX OS. (Previously it would hang during boot)
  • Fixed error 2162-0002 game crashes
    We introduced a regression in SX OS 2.9.5 which made some games crash with error code 2162-0002 (when accessing in game manuals and such). This has been addressed and resolved.
  • Fix bug with displaying MAIN memory addresses in cheat finder
    We had a little regression in the cheatfinder a while ago that slipped past our QA somehow. All you cheat hunters can rejoice, this has been fixed!

As always you can get more information and update from Team Xecuter’s website HERE. Support the latest 10.0.3 firmware.